Here are some useful tips on how to identify a professional plumber.

Even though homeowners might be tempted to undergo do-it-yourself projects when it comes to plumbing, it is best to opt for the aid of a professional plumber for both maintenance and repairments. Various plumbing contractors in Cape Town offer diverse services that start from regular maintenance and end up with emergency plumbing services. Thus, if using a plunger on an overflowing toilet or pouring some drain liquid cleaner does not resolve your problems, it is best to seek the aid of a good plumber.

professional plumber

If you wonder why, well, the answer is quite simple. A call to a professional plumber might save you some expensive home repairments, as we all know that water damage is one of the worse when it comes to living spaces. Indoor plumbing is tricky and requires a skilled plumber to undergo plumbing repairs such as pipe replacements, water fixtures repairs, unclogging pipes or drains and so on. Registered plumbers work accordingly to the safety regulations in your area, so all you will have to do in case of a plumbing emergency is to call a good plumber.

But you may ask yourself what are the key skills of a plumber due to the fact that there are a bundle of plumbing contractors in Cape Town that promise everything you might need when it comes to plumbing. Hence, lets see below what are the key skills of a professional plumber in Cape Town in order to aid you choose the best expert to solve your home problems.

professional plumber

Manual Dexterity

Dealing with pipes positioned in confined spaces requires both physical strength and dexterity. Positioning a pipe fitting in a steady position while manipulating other objects around it, it is definitely not an easy job to do. Moreover, a good plumber skill includes great vision to thread fittings or unravelling the insights of a blueprint.

Physical tasks and abilities

You can recognize a professional plumber in Cape Town by the manner in which he or she solves plumbing issues. Amongst abilities required we can mention hand and arm strength, accessing small spaces, precision or even tolerating dangerous, noisy or unpleasant working places.

Registered plumbers’ certification

A professional plumber must be licensed and certified. Thus, he or she is required to have certain skills in order to pass tests that lead to obtaining a license. So, it is easy to verify in Cape Town registered plumbers’ database in order to establish whether or not the person you want to hire is certified.

One major skill of a professional plumber is experience

Even though this might seem unfair for those that just started working in the plumbing field, it is an important quality that you must seek when hiring a professional plumber in Cape Town. Knowledge is gained through experience, so a vast portfolio is a big advantage for any plumbing company or good plumber in Cape Town.

Having mechanical skills

Plumbing is a complicated thing to master due to the fact that it requires knowledge in a variety of fields. Hence, mechanics know-how it is a must for any professional plumber. Being able to understand the mechanics behind a working water valve or what type of tubing is required for certain applications, can make a big difference in regards to the quality of services provided.

Safety regulations

Other key skills of a good plumber can include the ability to follow safety regulations. Cutting corners cannot happen when it comes to plumbing repairments. So, if you are looking for a plumbing company in Cape Town or simply a registered plumber, you should first check if they comply with the safety regulations in your area. A professional plumber will always follow safety procedures!

Being punctual

Well, we live in an era where everything happens at a fast rate, which signifies people tend to overlook the arrival time they promise. A respectable plumbing professional will always be on time. In other words, worth hiring plumbers in Cape Town are always punctual, respect deadlines and take into account any homeowners concerns. Punctuality is a required trait for any good plumber due to the fact that it underlines he respects both his work and customers.

Problem-solving abilities

Amongst the top qualities of a professional plumber we can definitely mention problem-solving abilities. Plumbing is no easy job to do, so a good plumber will know how to asses the situation, evaluate correctly and rapidly the problem and establish the best solution in order to solve your plumbing problem correctly.

People skills and patience

A professional plumber must listen carefully and with attention his or her customer needs. Moreover, being able to clearly communicate the nature of the problem is a big plus, due to the fact that the majority of homeowners do not know the technical terms that appear in the field of plumbing. Good communication abilities will diminish the chances of misunderstanding or potential conflicts. In addition, with this, being patient is necessary as different people have different temperaments.

Detail-oriented plumber

As we previously mentioned, being a professional plumber in Cape Town is not an easy job. Besides the mechanical knowledge skills required, a good plumber must know how to organize his job. Thus, every plumbing job requires methodical analysis, plan and procedure. Skipping small details can affect the result of the plumbing repairments and can lead to negative reviews from the client.

Dedication and love for the job

We all know how hard it is to find and trust a plumbing company in Cape Town. Certain people are meant for this type of profession and you can observe it through the manner in which they do their job. So, it is a rather important quality of a professional plumber to love his job. A dedicated plumber will value customer satisfaction and will aim to provide qualitative plumbing services.

Bottom line, Cape Town registered plumbers promise a multitude of services, which makes it a bit harder to opt for a specific plumbing company. The top qualities of a professional plumber mentioned above are meant to aid you in your search for hiring a professional plumber in Cape Town. Always remember the fact that a good plumber has both technical and people skills!

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