Being a homeowner is not an easy thing due to the fact that keeping an eye on proper maintenance is a must do in order to avoid various emergencies such as gas leaks, pipe leaks, draining problems or water damage to your property. Even though those might seem at first extreme events that will not occur often, it is best to take them into account and prevent unwanted plumbing emergencies. One of the most important problems homeowners have to keep in mind is plumbing system maintenance because water leakage can lead to major financial costs. Those can be prevented if proper care is taken in regards to your home’s plumbing system, but as any homeowner might wonder, the question that remains unanswered is when to call a plumber.¬†

First of all, we need to establish what is considered a plumbing emergency.


  • Geyser water burst or leaking

One of the most important things homeowners should consider is whether or not the maintenance of a water geyser is done regularly.  Hence, an important plumbing emergency is burst water geysers. This is considered one of the most common plumbing emergencies due to the fact that internal corrosion of the cylinder or an improper installation can lead to geyser failures. It is highly recommended to contact a professional plumber as he or she will advise you on how to properly deal with the situation, along with helping you with tips on how to prevent this type of problem from occurring again.

Moreover, calling an emergency plumber is imperative when it comes to geyser leaks emergencies in Cape Town because of the water pressure inside the tank. Water dripping from the geyser, overflowing valve, a leaking beaker or a burst pipe represent only the beginning of a malfunction when it comes to this type of problem.

  • Leaking water pipes

Among the major plumbing problems that can happen unexpectedly in your home we can mention leaking water pipes. This is an especially hard problem to solve because of the fact that pipes are hidden under flooring or inside walls. Hence, accessing them is difficult and an expert plumbing professional is required to help you deal with it. So, if you have a leak in your home it is best to shut off any water source and call for an emergency plumber.

  • Sewage coming up your drain pipes

Other types of plumbing emergencies that should not be overlooked are represented by sewage coming back on your drain pipes in the shower, bathtub, sinks, toilets and so on. This is a major sign that raises concerns because of the fact that it usually signifies that somewhere in your draining system a clog has occurred. Thus, this plumbing emergency can only be dealt with the aid of a plumbing expert.

Clogged drains and pipes turn out to be emergency plumbing problems when they happen on regular basis. There are a couple of factors that can lead to this, such as grease, hair or inappropriate items flushed in toilets. Moreover, if a plunger is not effective in removing the clog, do not try to use chemical-based drain cleaners. Those are not environmentally friendly and can even harm the pipe lines in your home. So, experts recommend you seek the aid of an emergency plumber.

  • Water Heater Malfunctions

For those that own a tank-based water heater, one of the most common plumbing emergencies is signalled by various warning signs. A malfunction leads to the following:

  • Clicking sounds warn you about sediments gathering in the tank. This requires the help of a professional plumber to properly clean and flush the tank.
  • Coloured hot water should raise concerns if it happens every day. Moreover, if cold water is clear, it is a strong signal the water tank is rusting inside. This is a problem you should not ignore due to the fact that the system can get clogged or even burst out the water inside. For this emergency plumbing issue, it is necessary to call a professional to asses the situation and help you with the repairs required.
  • Water leaks around your heater represent a major plumbing problem due to its volatile nature. Thus, do not postpone solving this problem as it can lead to costly repairs due to water damage. Ask a professional your emergency plumbing questions and he or she will help you in assessing the situation and solving it.
  • Another type of plumbing emergencies is the water boiling inside the water tank. This is potentially dangerous, so you will have to shut down the system and call an emergency plumber.
  • Overflowing sewage

If you own a septic tank, you probably already know that it can actually overflow in your back yard. It is best to stop using water or flushing toilets until a professional does some maintenance on it. Moreover, it is highly recommended to opt for calling an emergency plumber due to the fact that relief valves or other components might need repairs or replacements.

Experts say that in order to avoid this plumbing emergency, it is best to do annual check-ups on your septic tank with the aid of a plumbing and septic tank specialist. Keep in mind that the frequency of those check-ups depends mainly on the dimensions of the tank.

Furthermore, it is best to not forget to ask emergency plumbing questions, when calling for a professional. Here are the top questions you should get information upon.

  • How fast the emergency plumber can arrive

When calling an emergency plumber, people usually ask how fast a professional can be dispatched at their address. Most of the plumbers that provide 24 hour plumbing services will respond to an emergency as fast as possible in order to prevent further damage to your home.

  • What to do while waiting

Even though this might seem a bit odd to ask, it is one of the most important question in regards to plumbing emergencies. The emergency plumber will guide you through the steps you should take prior to his arrival.

  • Are you a licensed emergency plumber?

A licensed plumber professional will provide proper reparations according to regulations and safety codes. Moreover, he or she can be verified through the national database, which will increase credibility.

Based on the types of plumbing emergencies homeowners might experience, it is always highly recommended to call an emergency plumber. He or she will guide you through the process, will asses your situation and offer you the best solution. Also, you should ask your plumber all your emergency plumbing questions, no matter how insignificant they might seem. Major plumbing problems get even worse if dealt in an unprofessional manner! Thus, when a major plumbing problem happens, call a professional plumber!



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